hngu candidate list 2023 | hngu seat number 2023-24


HNGU exam 2023/24 candidate list/hngu exam seat number 2023 for upcoming exams is listed on the official website of hngu. here we upload it to help students so that they can easily download it. 

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to download the hngu exam seat number click on the course name to download the candidate list for the exam of hngu. click on below download buton to download hngu seat number/roll number for exam.

hngu seat number 2023/24

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Hngu 2023-24 exam candidate list.

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JANUARY : 2024
MARCH : 2024
 APRIL : 2024
MAY : 2024
JUNE : 2024
JULY : 2024
AUGUST : 2023
OCTOBER : 2023

hngu February/March examination candidate list

1B.A. Semester-1 (New Course) Download Download    
2B.A. Semester-1 (Old Course) Download Download    
3Fine Arts Semester-1 (New Course) Download Download    
4Fine Arts Semester-7 (New Course) Download Download    
5M.A. Semester-1 (External) Download Download Download   
6M.A. Semester-1 (New Course) Download Download    
7M.A. Semester-1 (Old Course) Download Download    
8Master of Journalism Semester-1 Download Download  
1B.A. B.Ed. Semester-1 (New Course) Download Download    
2B.A. B.Ed. Semester-1 (Old Course) Download Download    
3B.Ed. (Special) Semester-1 Download Download    
4B.Ed. Semester-1 Download Download    
6B.Sc. B.Ed. Semester-1 (New Course) Download Download    
7M.Ed. Semester-1 (New Course) Download Download    
8M.Ed. Semester-1 (Old Course) Download Download    
9M.P.Ed. Semester-1 Download Download Download   
10P.G. D.Y.Ed. Semetser-1 Download Download Download


1 B.Sc. Semester-1 (New Course)  Download  Download        
2 B.Sc. Semester-1 (Old Course)  Download  Download        
3 M.Sc. Semester-1 (New Course)  Download  Download        
4 M.Sc. Semester-1 (Old Course)  Download  Download        
5 M.Sc. Semester-1 (Old Course) (Mathematics)  Download  Download        
6 P.G.D.M.L.T. Semester-1  Download  Download
1 B.Com. Semester-1 (New Course)  Download  Download        
2 B.Com. Semester-1 (Old Course)  Download  Download        
3 M.Com. Semester-1 (External)  Download  Download  Download      
4 M.Com. Semester-1 (New Course)  Download  Download        
5 M.Com. Semester-1 (Old Course)  Download  Download




1 M.Sc. Semester-3 (New Course)  Download  Download  Download      
2 M.Sc. Semester-3 (Old Course)  Download  Download  Download      
3 M.Sc. Semester-3 (Old Course) (Mathematics)  Download  Download  Download
1 M.Com. Semester-3 (External)  Download  Download  Download      
2 M.Com. Semester-3 (New Course)  Download  Download  Download      
3 M.Com. Semester-3 (Old Course)  Download  Download  Download
1 M.A. Semester-3 (External)  Download  Download  Download      
2 M.A. Semester-3 (New Course)  Download  Download  Download      
3 M.A. Semester-3 (Old Course)  Download  Download  Download      
4 Master of Journalism Semester-3  Download  Download  Download
1 B.Ed. (Special) Semester-3  Download  Download  Download      
2 B.Ed. Semester-3  Download  Download  Download      
3 M.Ed. Semester-3 (New Course)  Download  Download  Download      
4 M.Ed. Semester-3 (Old Course)  Download  Download  Download      
5 M.P.Ed. Semester-3  Download  Download  Download
B.A. Semester-5  Download
B.Com. Semester-5  Download
B.Sc. Semester-5  Download

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