HNGU exam news 2021

HNGU exam news 2021


 Give your vote on how the next exams of HNGU should be held.

The next exams of hngu are to be held offline through MCQs method. The students are getting confused about this.

So we are voting to know the views of the students on how they want to take the exam.

hngu ની આગામી બાકી રહેલ પરીક્ષાઓ કેવી રીતે યોજાવવી જોઈએ?
offline exam
online exam
offline MCQs
merit base promotion
mass promotion
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Write down your opinion about the exam after voting, so that we know what the problem is with the students.

This is not from hngu. This is just to know the opinions of the students. So that the matter can be presented to the university along with the student organization.

Deliver this to each of your student friends. So that we know about the thoughts of almost every student of the university.

4 thoughts on “HNGU exam news 2021”

  1. Hal ni paristhiti ne thayn ma rakhta Exam Online Levi joyae ka to mass promotion aapvu joy ae

    Karn k Corona ni 3ji ler na karne army ni exam pan postponed kari 6e je koi divash aaj sudhi aevu banyu nthi.

    Mara mat mujab online exam lo ka to mass promotion aapvu j pade.

    Biji University Vala ae pan aej karyu 6e koi ae offline nthi lidhi last sem na student sivay

  2. Badha Students ne vexin mali pan nthi.

    Kyay Bar Jayae to pan vixen na 2 doj lidha hoy to j entry aape 6e to aato students na health ni vat 6e ahi.

    HNGU ae Hal Ni Sthiti Ne Dhyan Ma Rakh Ta Students Na Health Ni Care Karvi J Joye.

  3. Jo 1 month ma 1 SEM comolet thatu hoy to khotu 1 varsh nu Rakho Cho ,4 month ma 4 SEM Pura Karo ne to khota kem 2 year heran Karo cho ,1 month ma to sylebus jovray pan Nahi exam Kai rite ape


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